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Ovarian Psycos

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Ovarian Psycos
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Riding at night through the dangerous streets of Eastside Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos use their bikes to confront the violence in their lives. At the helm of the crew is founder Xela de la X, a single mother and poet M.C. dedicated to recruiting an unapologetic, misfit crew of women of color. The film intimately chronicles Xela as she struggles to strike a balance between her activism and nine year old daughter Yoli; street artist Andi who is estranged from her family and journeys to become a leader within the crew; and bright eyed recruit Evie, who despite poverty, and the concerns of her protective Salvadoran mother, discovers a newfound confidence.

Directors Bio:
Joanna Sokolowski and Kate Trumbull-LaValle met in graduate school. The two bonded over a shared commitment to produce intimate, nuanced portraits of the contemporary female experience. The duo formed Sylvia Frances Films in 2013, named after their mothers’ first names, to produce their first feature documentary, OVARIAN PSYCOS.

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Tags: los angeles, violance, drama

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